The Role of Incentives in Creating an Innovation-Centric Culture

Event Details

May 18, 2017

2-3 p.m. (ET)

Last year, director compensation attracted much media attention and prompted a more active level of communication with stakeholders on board pay. With an unprecedented election and the near-term possibility of sweeping changes in regulation, what does 2017 hold for director compensation?

Join this webcast from Pearl Meyer and NACD presenting details from our annual study on practices and emerging trends in board pay. You’ll hear findings and expert analysis on board compensation levels and pay structure from 1400 public companies across a range of industries and sizes, from $50 million in revenue to the largest US corporations.

Our panel will share ideas on where we are likely to see status quo and what trends may be emerging in the coming year, as well as provide insight on director compensation program design and options you may consider.


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