What Does the Election Mean for Tax Policy in 2021?

Event Details

November 5, 2020

2-3 p.m. (EST)

Corporate and individual tax rates will probably increase in 2021, regardless of who wins the presidential election. With election day quickly approaching, it’s important to plan for different outcomes and answer key questions. As a board member, how will tax increases affect your organization and tax structures? How will you and fellow board members adjust your strategic and shareholder expectations?

Join RSM and NACD for a webcast with Patti Burquest, RSM’s Washington National Tax lead, and Jim Alex, RSM’s national go-to-market tax lead, who will discuss the following:

  • What would a change in the corporate tax rate mean, and how quickly would it apply?
  • Will deductions, deferrals and amortization changes affect your business significantly?
  • How can board members work with financial leaders to maximize available tax credits? 


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