Oversight of Corporate Culture

Oversight of Corporate Culture

This resource center is a repository for all NACD content related to board oversight of corporate culture, including practical guidance, tools, templates, and analyses. For materials on board oversight of corporate ethics and compliance, please see NACD’s Resource Center on Compliance and Ethics Oversight. For guidance on increasing board diversity, see NACD’s Resource Center on Board Diversity

Understanding the Links Between Culture, Strategy, and Risk

NACD report on culture as a corporate asset Strengthening culture to combat disruptive risks Promoting a positive risk culture Leveraging internal audit to monitor and assess corporate culture Sustaining a culture of digital innovation

Recognizing Evolving Stakeholder Expectations

Aligning company culture with long-term value creation How to develop an agile culture to expand internationally The link between compensation, employee retention, and culture

Strengthening Board Culture                                            

Creating a strong board culture Four perspectives on how boards can take an active role in changing culture Sample director code of conduct Methods for effective oversight of organizational culture Examples of board disclosures related to culture oversight The board’s role in culture oversight and crisis response

Monitoring and Measuring Company Culture

Mitigating risks associated with sexual misconduct Linking nonfinancial metrics to strategic and cultural objectives Understanding nonfinancial metrics Governing culture and ESG in the #MeToo era Linking culture to the organization’s rewards system The board’s role in preventing and addressing director misconduct

Investor Perspectives on Culture and the Board

State Street Global Advisors letter to portfolio company board members BlackRock CEO Lawrence Fink letter to portfolio company CEOs Vanguard investment stewardship report (see pp. 26, 27)

Videos and Webinars

The role of talent in creating a healthy and inclusive culture What boards need to know about gender pay equity Strengthening corporate culture with talent strategy and leadership development Creating an innovation-centric culture through incentives Lessons learned from start-up scandals Pearl Meyer discusses influencing corporate culture through the rewards system


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