CEO Succession Planning & Talent Oversight Resource Center

CEO Succession Planning & Talent Oversight Resource Center

One of the board’s key responsibilities is deciding to replace the CEO and selecting a new leader. This resource center provides guidance and tools that will ease the process of succession planning and ongoing talent oversight. For more information on compensating the CEO, see NACD’s Resource Center on the Compensation Committee.


Virtual Director Professionalism® The Art of Directorship: CEO Succession Master Class NACD Summit

Videos and Webinars

The Role of Talent in Creating a Healthy and Inclusive Culture Talent Strategies for High-Growth Companies Oversight of the Global Talent Pipeline

Understand the Links Between Talent, Strategy, and Risk

CEOs: Architects of Prosperity (Egon Zehnder) Boards Can Protect their Companies by Better Vetting Leadership The Arc of Leadership A Three-Level Approach to Better Board Oversight of Talent and Culture Governance Challenges 2019: CEO Succession Planning Board Oversight of Human Capital Strategy and Risks Alphabet’s 10-K Risk Factor Disclosures on Loss of Key Personnel (p. 16) Sample Risk Dashboard for Talent Development and Retention

Identify Key Talent Challenges                                

Finding the Right CEO During a Crisis Trends in CEO Succession Practices When CEOs Go Rogue: Director Oversight of Corporate Goodwill and Social Capital Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Talent Development

Develop Effective Talent Oversight Processes

Maintaining a High-Value Board-CEO Relationship CEO Succession Planning Questions Sample Talent Matrix for Identifying High-Potential Employees Sample Readiness and Succession Charts Sample CEO Succession Process Executive Profile Template Director FAQ: The Role of the Executive Chair

Foster a Successful Transition Process

Five Reasons Why CEO Succession Fails, and How to Get It Right ISS’ Proxy Voting Guidelines on CEO Succession Planning (p. 18) CII’s Policy on CEO Succession Planning (Section 2.9) Think CEO Progression, Not CEO Succession Succession Planning Best Practices from Kimberly-Clark Championing Successful CEO Succession Pfizer’s CEO Succession Press Release Compensation Strategies for Succession Planning The Board’s Role in a New CEO Transition CEO Succession Planning Benchmarks NACD Handbook on Success at the Top: CEO Evaluation and Succession SEC Staff Legal Bulletin on Disclosure of CEO Succession Plans (Section C)