Director Onboarding

Director Onboarding

This resource center and corresponding onboarding handbook provide a systematic approach, organized by four key cornerstones of onboarding. They offer new directors insights into how they should conduct their responsibilities and how boardrooms operate. 

Understand the environment in which the company operates:

2019 governance outlook report The challenges of overseeing a global company Benchmarks on other directors’ priorities Emerging issues facing U.S. companies Strategies for governing technology-driven innovation The regulatory and compliance landscape Shifting political and regulatory realities The role of proxy advisory firms Accelerating contributions by new directors (Heidrick & Struggles)

Learn about the company itself:                                            

Creating long-term value A fundamental understanding of enterprise risk Indicators of a positive or negative risk culture Ten imperatives for talent development Understanding the board’s role in overseeing culture Sustainability programs and reporting Basic accounting and transactional concepts Incentives and risk taking The board-management dialogue on risk appetite Ensuring the company is addressing the right risks

Familiarize yourself with boardroom practices and dynamics:

Template for director orientation What to consider in the onboarding framework (KPMG) How a board operates and deals with dysfunction Ways to make the board a strategic-asset to the company Helpful behavior in the boardroom How to triage board decisions Committee structures and evolving board needs Challenges of expanding board and committee agendas Guidance on engaging with shareholders Navigating the relationship between the board and general counsel FAQ: Executive sessions Strategies for effective board meeting preparation

Clarify your roles and responsibilities as a director:

Navigating the first year Your key functions and responsibilities Expectations for directors vs. managers Governance essentials for new directors Core competencies of successful directors Professional standards for today's directors Director liability issues How to improve your effectiveness through evaluations Compensation for board service Who’s driving your legal strategy Trends in D&O liability insurance Continuing education for directors

Resources for board leaders

Fit for the future: An urgent imperative for board leadership Resource center: The role of the lead director and nonexecutive chair


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