Strategy Development and Long-Term Value Creation

Strategy Development and Long-Term Value Creation

This resource center is a repository for NACD content designed to strengthen the board’s role in strategy development and long-term value creation. Here you will find practical guidance, tools, and analyses tailored to necessity.

Assessing Competitive and Disruptive Threats

A Board Primer on Blockchain A Board Primer on AI How Shifting Demographics Will Affect Corporate Growth Strategies Understanding Environmental Disruption Understanding Competitive Disruption Understanding Economic Disruption NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Adaptive Governance and Disruptive Risks Is a Disruptive Innovator Attacking Your Company? Is Your Board Prepared to Weather an Economic Downturn? How to Govern Through Disruption Getting Climate Smart in a Changing Environment The Board’s Role in Addressing Geopolitical and Regulatory Shifts Learn more about more disruptive trends in our Emerging Resource Center

Engaging in the Strategy Development Process

Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Strategy Development NACD Blue Ribbon Commission: An Urgent Imperative for Board Leadership Strategy and Long-Term Value Creation Roadmap for Coordinating the Strategy Development Process List of Key Factors Influencing the Design of Corporate Strategy

Constructively Challenging Management           

How Lead Directors can Facilitate Board Engagement in Strategy Assess whether Management's Strategy is Customer-Centric enough Board Questions to Ask About the Effectiveness of the Capital Allocation Process

Focusing on Long-Term Thinking and Value Creation

Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Board and Long-Term Value Creation Strategies for Long Termism Compensation and Nominating & Governance Committee Views on Long-Term Value Creation Strategies for Building a Sustainable Growth Business The Importance of Purpose in Long-Term Value Creation Sample Long-Term-Oriented Performance Metrics

Monitoring Strategy Execution

Understanding Nonfinancial Metrics Aligning Executive Compensation with Corporate Strategy