Director Essentials: Strengthening Risk Oversight

Click here for a downloadable copy of the Executive Summary (complimentary).

In brief: As corporate fiduciaries, directors play an important role in risk oversight, a responsibility that has significantly increased in complexity over the past few years.  This new Director Essentials report offers a detailed overview of practices each director can adopt to strengthen risk oversight, and for each one offers red flags, suggested approaches, questions to ask, and additional resources. 

This resource can help directors:

  • Increase awareness of emerging risks affecting companies today
  • Learn the board vs. management role in risk
  • Learn to set and adjust a risk profile
  • Integrate strategy, risk, and performance discussions
  • Improve risk reporting
  • Reinforce risk accountability
  • Check risk mitigation
  • Assess risk culture 

Most relevant audiences: Board chairsCEOs, chief risk officers (CROs), and chief audit executives (CAEs)audit and risk committee leaders and members, all board members and advisors concerned about risk