Director Essentials: Strengthening Oversight of M&A

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In brief: With mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity at historic levels, it’s critical that board members be able to leverage available insights in order to enhance their understanding of the evolving business landscape and its potential impact on board responsibilities. To equip directors with the guidance and tools necessary to address this challenge, NACD has updated this report in the Director Essentials series. The updated report includes a summary of M&A trends and provides guidance for boards in fulfilling their role throughout the M&A process—from strategy to post-merger integration.  

How can directors use this resource?  

  • Elevate their M&A performance.
  • Gain key data points on M&A trends.
  • Understand the director’s role in M&A.
  • Visualize the M&A process from strategy to integration.
  • Review questions to ask at key stages of the M&A life cycle.

Most relevant audiences:  CEOs, board chairs, board members (especially those serving on special M&A committees), members of senior management