NACD Washington Review, Q2 2020

In brief: Legislators introduced more than 2,600 new legislative measures in the first half of 2020, with nearly one in four addressing COVID-19, bringing the total number of legislative bills introduced in this Congress to more than 11,500. Congressional bills on climate change and board diversity, popular in previous quarters, remained pending, with no new developments in 2020. The center of gravity for board diversity was at the state level. This brief gives legal developments on the key themes of COVID-19, diversity, finance, manufacturing, and privacy.  

This resource can help your board to elevate its performance:

  • Understand the basic implications of new legal developments most likely to impact board decisions in the near term.
  • Monitor risks and opportunities emerging from current legal trends in key areas.
  • Develop effective policies in anticipation of new legal standards affecting board decisions.

Most relevant audiences: board chairs, lead directors, nominating/governance committee members, and general counsel