NACD Washington Review, Q1 2019

In brief: The 116th Congress went straight to work in its first 90 days, proposing some 3,500 bills and resolutions covering diversity, the environment, compensation, cybersecurity, and trade, among other business issues. Meanwhile, a government shutdown hobbled many federal agencies in January. But despite a skeleton staff, the US Securities and Exchange Commission took a new look at proxy reform and quarterly reporting, and the Treasury fine-tuned tax rules. The Supreme Court heard a variety of business cases, including cases about contract workers, interpretation of securities law, workplace accommodation, and the patentability of a medical procedure. NACD’s quarterly Washington Review once again offers a board-centric summary of these developments and their possible effect on board governance and company strategy.

How boards can use this resource:

  • Get an early warning of nascent legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments relevant to boards and companies.
  • See emerging US government developments at a glance together, rather than as a series of headlines.
  • Understand how these developments might affect board governance.

Most relevant audiences: chairs and members of board committees tasked with oversight of risk and/or compliance, especially audit and risk committees; CEOs; general counsel