NACD U.S. Climate Initiative

NACD U.S. Climate Initiative

From Interest to Action: Climate Change in the American Boardroom

To address the urgent challenge of climate change which threatens the sustainability of business, and adequately prepare boardrooms to guide their companies through this major disruption, NACD is proud to have joined the Climate Governance Initiative (CGI) as the U.S. host chapter, the NACD U.S. Climate Initiative.

Climate Governance Principles

The World Economic Forum (the “Forum”) has developed a set of Climate Governance Principles (“CGI Principles”) for boards of directors and aims to:

Boards are beginning to grapple with climate change and are finding it to be a complex issue, fraught with scientific, macroeconomic, and policy uncertainties. Many boardrooms struggle to frame climate risks and opportunities properly within the larger strategy of the organization.

The NACD U.S. Climate Initiative will lead a meaningful conversation around the role of the board and enterprise in combatting climate change and incorporating climate considerations into strategic decision-making at the board level. It will also deliver guidance and education to enhance climate competence in the American boardroom. As trusted stewards of long-term value creation, corporate directors are well-positioned to ensure that climate change does not adversely impact the creation of a sustainable future and competitive U.S. economy and empower businesses to lead in innovation, transformation, and growth.


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Climate Resources for Your Board

Click below to find resources to support your board’s pathway to climate proficiency. We monitor corporate advances in climate governance and the latest in reporting and disclosure to ensure your board has the essential information it needs.

Developing Climate Proficiency
Building a Climate Governance Approach

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Primer on Climate Change: Directors’ Duties and Disclosure Obligations (Climate Governance Initiative)

Principles for Effective Climate Governance (World Economic Forum)

Climate Capability on Company Boards (Climate Governance Initiative Global Summit Session)

Climate Change Is an Enterprise Risk Multiplier (NACD BoardTalk Blog)

Realizing the Climate Opportunity (NACD BoardTalk Blog)

Ensuring Effective Reporting and Disclosure


For more information about climate governance and ESG, please visit NACD’s ESG Resource Center.